understanding Bitcoin blockchain timestamping

"A timestamp is a sequence of characters or encoded information identifying when a certain event occurred, usually giving date and time of day, sometimes accurate to a small fraction of a second."

how does a (Bitcoin) blockchain work?

protect your music...

protecting your music should be a concern of yours... especially when it is in the pre-release / creative phase. the "what if" can be paralyzing and sending a sealed envelop to yourself every time you have a new version of a song isn't feasable.

... by timestamping via the Bitcoin blockchain

every time you upload a piece of audio or lyrics to producerDesk, we give you the option to timestamp it. it is free. using the Bitcoin blockchain, producerDesk creates a "proof of the existence" for your creation.

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how does timestamping work on producerDesk?

here is a high-level description of the process:

step 1

your audiofile with metadata

once you've activated your producerDesk account, create a song. In that song, create a new audio version by drag and drop of your audio file.
the file is uploaded to our servers and analyzed. if metadata was found embedded in your file, producerDesk will show you what it found. if it is correct, save?

drag and drop your file here

step 2

using hash algorithm we generate digital fingerprint

producerDesk then creates a digital fingerprint of that audio file, using an algorithm called sha256. the result is called a "hash", a unique sequence of 40 characters that only that exact audio file can produce.

note: the 40-characters of the hash will not enable anyone to regenerate your multi-megabite file!

example of file information

step 3

Bitcoin blockchain

next, producerDesk sends the hash (that digital fingerprint) to OpenTimeStamps. they periodically merge a batch of digital fingerprints together (see Merkel Tree) and post the resulting hash inside a Bitcoin blockchain transaction. when producerDesk gets confirmation that this is done, it sends you a confirmation email and publishes the song version.

example of timestamping information for a song version

when the day comes...

some industry specialists will tell you that it is actually a good thing to get your music stolen. in their thought process, it means that:

  • it is worth stealing
  • you can prove it is yours (since you used producerDesk's timestamping) and get proceeds

more seriously...

if, at any later date, you need to prove your audio file's existence at a given time in the past, you can use producerDesk or OpenTimeStamps or any other Bitcoin blockchain index to show a third party that the hash there corresponds to your file and its metadata and therefore existed at the date specified in the Bitcoin blockchain.

OpenTimeStamps verify form

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