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the sign-up process

complete the sign-up form

start by inputing your username, email and name in the form. then click on the "create new account" button.

sign up form example

activate your account

check your email box. you should have received an email titled "activate your producerDesk account!".

note: if you can't find it in your inbox, check your spam folder.

here is an screenshot of the contents of an sample activation email:

sign up form example

it contains two important elements:

  • your password (in bold)
  • the activation link (in blue / underlined)

copy your password (Ctrl or Cmd + C)...
you will need it in a minute.

click on the activation link!

log in

if all went well, clicking on the activation link within the activation email should take you to this login form:

first log in form

  • enter your username or email
  • enter your password (found in your activation email, in bold)
  • click on the "log in" button

congratulations! you are now a producerDesk active user.

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