producerDesk features

anatomy of a song

here is what a well-lived song looks like. let your eyes hunt around for features :)
we hope they speak for themselves! screenshot of a song detail page

anatomy of a song version

here is what a timestamped audio version looks like.
this one even has constructive comments! screenshot of a version detail page

list of features

this is an un-organized and probably out-of-date list of producerDesk features. you are better off give it a spin really...

take part in an open collaboration
open collaborations

why not contribute to the production of another producerDesk user... one you may not even know yet...

lyrics version management
version moderation

you want to collaborate, but not at any cost :-) enable moderation and you validate proposed new versions.

lyrics version management
lyrics versions

because song writing is also about lyrics writing... and lyrics writing is also iterative and collaborative.

collaboration management
song collaboration

invite your creative team to collaborate with you on a song... as composer, lyricist or both.

timestamping example
Bitcoin blockchain timestamping

timestamp audio for free using OpenTimeStamps and the Bitcoin blockchain. click here for more info.

version management
version management

post different versions of your song and get feedback as you go.

adapted comments
adapted comments logic

we give you the tools to give/get precise feedback.

example: use @time to create link directly to a passage of the song

public or private
public or private

ask for feedback or contributions from:

  • the entire community
  • only from people you give the URL to

song information
song information

beyond genre and status, log your songs bpm, key... and even location on the web or on your hard drive.

and much more...

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