play, record, share, listen... improve!

hindsight is 20/20

wether you are working on original material or doing covers,
band rehearsal is about working out the kinks in your music...
to get the best performance possible!

easier said than done

especially without:

  • a neutral, common perspective
  • a history of your progress
  • a means to debate and comment safely and constructively

that is where producerDesk comes in...

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first things first: privacy

set your song as "private". producerDesk will generate a complex url (like the one above).
share it only with those you want feedback from. no one else will see it.

private url

add your band mates as collaborators

well, first make sure that they have created their account on producerDesk.
once that is done, you can add them as "composers", which will essentially give them the right to access this song and eventually add their own audio recordings to it.

add song collaborators

version management

when you rehearse a song, record it with your smartphone or laptop...
and push the recording to producerDesk, as a new version.

example of rehearsal version

comment management

direct link to specific time in comments

anyone who has access to the song can participate in the comments thread, i.e. react to the recording or other band member's comments, resulting in a better next rehearsal.

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user testimonial

"i am the frontman for a cover band based in Paris, France.
as we are always looking to improve our performance skills, we have gotten into the habit of recording our rehearsals with our cellphones. but sharing these files and getting feedback from the band was a hassle... until producerDesk came along. gone are those bulky unmanageable emails. sharing and commenting our recordings between each rehearsal is now easy and efficient… And it has helped us iron out the kinks in our songs, making us a better band in the process. i strongly recommend it to any band serious their music. not to mention that is is free !"
Bruno, The PepeBoys

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