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producerDesk provides the online tools you need to share and collaborate securely with your creative team during the production process.

whether you are:

  • a band
  • a singer-songwriter
  • a composer
  • a DJ or EDM music producer
  • a music producer working with clients

whether you are:

  • in the early stages, writing, composing or rehearsing
  • in the studio, recording and mixing
  • in post-production, mastering

use producerDesk to
share your music while it is still in progress
and get feedback from your peers,
be it from your band members
or from aspiring music producer.

timestamping walkthrough

use producerDesk to protect your music easily and independently via the Bitcoin blockchain... for free. here is how.

producerDesk frequency ruler | the speak

putting words on what you hear is helpful when recording, mixing or mastering.
here are the main words used to discribe sound and their corresponding frequencies.

(.png | 735x524 px)

(.png | 1856x1161 px)

(.pdf | up to you)

iOS 11 integration

you can use producerDesk from your iPhone. here is how.

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