iterate and collaborate securely
on your music in the making

dear music producer,
we believe your music is precious, something to protect and nourish.
we believe that it grows and strengthens by iteration and collaboration.
so we built producerDesk... to help you make the best music possible!
-- Axel Ronsin, composer, producerDesk founder


protecting your music in the making from copyright theft is critical! using the Bitcoin blockchain as a secure and independant journal, producerDesk lets you timestamp your audio files and lyrics. if someone was to steal your melody or idea, you could prove you had it first.


who gets to listen, like and comment your music as it evolves? a handpicked group of collaborators or all producerDesk users? You decide.
and no compressed streaming audio here! how else can your team give you accurate mix or mastering feedback? what you upload is what they will hear.


as we know song production is highly iterative... and, whether it is in pre-production, production or post-production, versions are a dozen. unique to producerDesk is song version management: the ability to track and compare iterations of your song.


you write and produce as a band or a duo? producerDesk enables you to collaborate.
if you are the lead in the project, you get to decide who can contribute, what they contribute (audio or lyrics), and whether or not their kind contributions are moderate by you before they become a new iteration of the song.

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"This is wonderful.
I never share my music before it is legally saved.
Now I don't have to wait 3 to 8 weeks!"

Fabio Minuzzi

"Sharing and commenting our recordings between each rehearsal
is now easy and efficient…
It helps us iron out the kinks in our songs."

Bruno T., The PepeBoys

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